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Placing a valid order:

Placing a valid order, means that you have understood and accepted our terms & conditions, and our return policy. 

Object quality:

157+173 designers’ products are made with the care of a handmade object. 

Wooden parts are made of MDF (medium density fiberboard), Birch Plywood, OSB (Oriented strand board) or macif beech wood. All wooden parts are processed mechanically, and then assembled in 157+173 designers’ studio by hand.

Metallic parts and links, are mechanically produced, and then processed by hand in in 157+173 designers’ studio. 

Electrical parts, such as metallic and porcelain lamp-holders, rubber sockets and plugs and silicone and fabric cables, are all industrially produced and appropriate for their use.

All materials and parts used in all products, are CE certified by its manufacturer.

Security warning:

Referring to lights only:

Lighting products contain electrical parts (220V). You are warned to use this product responsibly.

Be extremely careful when changing the bulb. Before doing anything, make sure that the product is not plugged in. During the placement, hold the socket steadily and NEVER allow it to rotate around its axis.  This could be potentially dangerous, as the electrical wires may cut, come in contact with the socket’ s metallic surface and even cause an electroshock. 

Please read the notice on each lamp, which indicates the type of bulb you must use for each lamp. NO other lamp should be used, except the ones that are indicated on the label accompanying  the product, or otherwise the product may be potentially dangerous for overheating. 

157+173 designers are not responsible for accidents that may happen due to false use, or use with not recommended bulbs. Handle with care.

Construction Time:

Although sometimes there may be some products in stock, 157+173 designers policy is that all products are constructed on demand. 

Thus, customers may count an approximately 2 weeks time for the production of the product(s), by the time of the order

Construction time should not be confused with the shipping time.

Shipping Cost / Arrival Time: 

Collaborated courier and freight companies, provide their services, depending on the place of delivery. Items are transported by road, or by air, depending on their size. Our partners are Metaforiki Epe, UPS courier, Elta-Helenic Post and Elta-door to door Courier. 

Arrival time depends on the country the product is delivered. It usually takes 4-6 working days for Europe, 1-3 for Greek cities, and 3-5 for Greek islands and remote areas.

Transportation cost is handled by the buyer. Insurance for damaged items during the shipping is included in all services.

*157+173 designers are not responsible for delayed deliveries, caused by natural phenomena, such as bad weather, earthquakes etc, or unexpected traffic changes, such as road improvements,  closed roads due to accidents etc.

Unclaimed Packages:

For packages that are not cashed at your post office within 14 days, 157+173 designers Online Shop reserves the right to charge you a handling fee to cover return shipping and freight companies' administrative costs.

Lost items:

If your product is lost during shipping, 157+157 designers should be immediately informed. 

Product repair (after accident):

If you accidentally damage your product, 157+173 designers can undertake it's repair or partial replacement. 157+173 designers should be contacted by e-mail,  providing relevant information and  pictures of the damage. ( Please refer in section B and C in the “Return Conditions” paragraph ).

In this occasion, the customer is taking care of the repair/ partial replacement and shipping cost.

All enquiries:

Please contact us at